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18. 5. 2011

I live in a small village near Frenstat pod Radohostem. The village has 560 inhabitants. The house is built in the middle of the village. Across from the house there is constructed a chapel, on the left there is a kindergarten and an onl small shop. The road splits the village into two parts, and on each side there a hill. When we look out of the window, we can see meadow and a dense forest at the end of the village. Although where I live there is only one shop, the people can commute to adjacent cities, which are fuel packed with of markets, According to me, the advantage of livine in Bordovice is the fait there is a beautiful countryside, friendly people and calm lining environment, compared to the cities that are built next to the village. The citiel are full of busy people, cars and harmful gas and city people cannot really relax. I reside in a detached house with two floors and around the building there are two gardens, I share it with my Mother, grand-mother and three sisters. The house has a new red roof and a spacious balconyy. Into the house, there lead steps and a short concrete pavement, which ands at a entrance door. The house hase a pergola grown with vine. The first floor there is located a hall with a wardrobe, a little living room, a dining room woth fireplace, a log narrow kitchen, a recently renovated bathroom with a toilet and the room of my older sister. If you want to go to the second floor, you have to go up on an old wooden staircse. There are only four rooms and two lofts. The largest one is the bedroom of my Mum. Other rooms are my sister's and mine. When I get into my room I see a large window with an exquisite view. The door opens into the room. It is a small room but it doesn't bother me. I have a big bed, which is on the right side of my room. The bed with a lot of small pillows and two normal sized has fluffy feather bed lineu. Next to the bed there is a green lamp and on the other side there is a bedside table. On the wall above my bet there is a poster which shows my favourite group the Linkin Park. Opposite the bed there is a Hi-fi tower. Next to the Hi-fi tower there are two poster. The first one is with Albert Einstein and the second one is with Sheep. On the left of the door there is a built-in wardrobe. And on the right side of the door there an orrange sitting bag. My room is painted in green with there vertical blue stripes. On the floor there is a light green carpet with long hairs. In the middle of my room there is my armchair, where I spend most of my free time. I sit there and listen to the radio or CD-player. This is my favourite room because I have my beloved things there.



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